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Logos are very important for your business and brand and that makes LogoMart a complete all-in-one solution of logos for life. I love the logo templates in this package and they are really simple to edit. With PLR License, anyone can put them to great use to make some fast cash. Really love it!

Neeraj Agarwal

As a designer, I know how typical it is to create a logo. But after getting LogoMart my work simplifies considerably. If someone asks me the secret to my efficiency and skills, without a doubt, I would say it's LogoMart. It was hard to imagine that you can get 500+ logos in your library at this cheap. If they decided to sell it at a much higher price, then also I would buy it. Thanks Guys!

Maghfur El-Amin

A Logo is the Reflection of the "Brand's Identity!"

Logo can be described as the face of the company. Quite often, it's the first thing that a potential customer will notice about your business. It is a point of recognition for clients and an important foundation for the branding of your company.

In fact, a logo is one of the most important branding investments a business can make. It…

Grabs Attention

Makes a Strong First Impression

Establishes Your Brand Identity

Fosters Brand Loyalty

Influence Buyers' Decisions

Separates You From Competition

And So Much More…

A unique logo design is perhaps the
most visible element of a business.

A well-designed logo is an easy way to convey to potential clients that your business is professional, trustworthy, and provides quality goods or services.

But before we proceed further, let us show you a few stats to help you understand the importance of logos and how much people are willing to pay for them…

  • 67% of small businesses are willing to pay $500 for a logo design.
  • 18% of small businesses are willing to pay $1000 for a logo design.
  • 9% of brands didn't include their company name in their logo.
  • 95% of top brands only use two colors in their logo.

The thing is, for most people, logos immediately connect our minds to the business in question, without the need to see its name.

This type of instant recognition is the Holy Grail for businesses, and you can get it with just an eye-popping logo.

But Getting Captivating LOGOS for Your Businesses and Web Projects is NOT CHEAP and Easy!

Let's explore the options you have to get breathtaking beautiful logos for your businesses…

You can create a Logo on your own but designing Logos is plain difficult.
You need Creativity and Designing Skills.

Creating a Logo to establish Brand Awareness is Very Sensitive. You could be spending HOURS trying to figure out what colors you should use and how to do the designing part. It can be really Tiresome!

Who wants that? Would you rather spend your time on more important tasks in your business? So, what's the next Option…

Okay, this seems like a Good Option.
You can hire a Pro-level Graphic Designer and Pay him to do the Tedious ‘Logo-Making' task for you.

However, you need to know this is very expensive! See yourself what a Decent Graphic Designer is charging…

Pretty Expensive Right?

You pay through the nose to get quality logos when you
need them and watch your bank account being drained.

NOT to mention it usually takes days for the designer to finish work, only for it to look like anything but Your Dream Design.

On top of that, you need to be 100% sure that the logo you are using is 100% Copyright Free to use as your own Trademark.

Miss that part and you could easily be in DIRE STRAIGHTS... Such as an email from a lawyer informing you of a pending Law Suit with an Immediate (Stop & Desist) letter enclosed!

That can be quite scary and something that NO ONE should have to go through.

We know BOTH these options suck. It's been a problem for quite some time now.

But Starting Today, Those Worries Can End Forever!!!

Get Your Hands on a Striking Collection of 500+ Pro-Level Logo Templates in four different file formats including PSD, AI, JPG and EPS at a Price Much Lower than what expected to be paid for even a SINGLE ONE.

Forget about 'Money-Sucking' Graphic Designers and Tiresome Working Hours.

Now You Can Build Your Own LOGO or Your Client's LOGO within 5 Minutes ONLY!

And Many More...

Grab Full Access To LogoMart Today for One Time Investment Only!

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Editing is a Breeze!!!

Open Selected Logo Template in Your Media Editor:

From our 500+ Logo Templates, you can choose your desired Logo Template in your Niche. Open the PSD or AI or EPS File in your image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Gimp, etc.

Edit or Customize as you like:

You can edit the template as you want. Insert your desired text, change font size, color, layout, etc. And You are Good to Go!

Save Your Logo and BOOM! It's Done:

Yes! Your Logo is ready. Save or Export your Logo in any format you want, like JPG or PNG. And Your Logo is Ready to Rock Your Brand's Identity.

Pot Sweetener -

This Awesome LogoMart is coming with an Option of Private Label Rights!

Yes, you read that right. This whole package of 500+ Logo templates in PSD + AI + JPG + EPS file formats with editing tutorial videos is coming with an option of Private Label Rights!

It means you can Rebrand the package, sell it to other hungry buyers out there and POCKET EVERY CENT YOU MAKE…

Considering the fact that people are willing to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a single logo design…This package is a Goldmine for you!

People will go crazy to get their hands on this Massive bundle of logos…And they are ready to pay the price for it.

Either you sell them together or separately in small bundles, you can easily make up to $100, $200 or even $500 with just one sale. The Rest is PURE PROFITS!

Get LogoMart Right Now for a Small Investment...

Choose the Best Suited Option for You!

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LogoMart - Personal Right

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Who Can Benefit From Using LogoMart?...

Graphic Designers

Internet Marketers

Video Marketers

Small Business Owners

Designers working for SME Clients


Product Creators

Advertiser & Publisher

Multi-Level Marketers

E-commerce Business Owners

Offline Marketers

Consultant Marketers

No Matter What Your Business is... If you are looking forward to uplifting your Profits and
Brand’s Recognition to New Heights, then LogoMart is FOR YOU!!!

No More Investing Tons of Money on Logo Designs Again!

What the Experts are saying About this Wonderful Product...?

I'm not really very good at graphic design ... I often hand that over to my wife to do as she's better than me ... but even I can create great looking logos from these templates. I've already created several logos directly from this package for some new websites that I am currently developing. I love how the logos have been put together in such a way that it's easy to quickly create an impressive logo for almost any business. The colors, fonts, and designs are well matched so that it's simple for anyone (even me) to create an impressive result.

David Watson


As an internet marketer, I need a new logo for every new product and believe me this is damn expensive. Also, the revision sessions with designers used to drain me out completely. That’s why LogoMart gets my best recommendation. Stunning 500+ Logo templates with Private Label Rights License at dirt cheap price…Great Deal! Go for it Guys!

Steven Alvey

CEO at Warlord Enterpreneur

Bang ON! Firelaunchers have created yet another masterpiece. Great Logos, ‘No-Brainer’ Editing Tutorial Video and PLR License… A complete package to make some big bucks! Don’t wait, guys, grab it before they come to their senses and increase the price or take it down once and for all!

Luan Henrique


I am really impressed with your new product ‘LogoMart’! Using the templates, I was able to create a Killer logo for one of my niche site in just minutes. No Kidding! With PLR license, you just have to exchange your few minutes with hundreds of dollars! I can't recommend a package like this enough. Great work here!

Daniel Taylor

I am really happy with the LogoMart complete package. The design of templates is awesome, very easy to modify and also ready to print. There are no such services available now that offer logos of such quality along with PLR license and especially at this low price. Great Work!

Maftuch Junaidy Mhirda


Literally miraculous product in terms of quantity and quality. Logo is needed by every business owner on the planet and the complete package of 500+ logo templates is really a Godsend for every marketer out there. With PLR license to go along, Firelaunchers have made it one of the finest products on the Web! Highly recommended!

Aries Firmansyah

The quality of logo templates in this package literally blows me away! Everything is just Awesome along with designs to colors and fonts. The best part is that they are offering PLR licensing option also. It implies that it can be a great source of income for every profit-seeker. Highly Recommended!

Sam Arief


I had downloaded my copy of these Logos and what can I say? They're nicely done... and highly customizable! If you're one who has a lot of Products, Services, etc. or plan to do work for Clients and charge a fee - this in itself can be your 'secret weapon'!

June Ashley

I know when I see a new product being released, I can expect spectacular from these guys. Logos are mandatory for every brand’s identity but finding time to create them is plain tiresome. Thanks for another awesome product which saves both time and money. Love it all!

Ilham Zulkarnain

CEO at Rootpixel, inc


I always love what Firelaunchers are offering. They have a great reputation of ‘over-delivering’ and customers not only adore their stuff but also appreciate the ‘post-purchase’ support they provide. You’ll never go wrong trusting them.

Bayu Tara Wijaya

So what is the Offer price for 'LogoMart'?...

We’ve shown you the proofs above. Designers are charging anywhere between
$50 to $500 (or more) for just ONE LOGO.

And that’s barely scratching the surface!

So if you opt to buy ‘500’ Logos from them you have to pay…

500 X $50 = $25000

500 X $500 = $250000

Pretty Expensive Right? And that’s the Real-World Value of this package.

But you don’t have to pay this much, Not Even half of it.

Today You Can Get ‘LogoMart’ at a Tiny-Fractional Amount of what you expect to pay Somewhere Else for Logos of this Quality.

Not to mention, we are providing you 'LogoMart' with

Means you can sell this package to other hungry buyers out there and keep every penny you make to yourself only!

Remember in the offline brick-n-mortar business world, logos can go for much, much MORE...
You can sell even One Logo and Be in the Black! Remember –

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LogoMart - Personal Right

Buy LogoMart

You are backed by Our Risk-Free, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!!!

We are positively convinced that you’ll love ‘LogoMart’ just as much as we do.

In fact, for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, Just Let Us Know within 30 days of your purchase ….. and We’ll Issue a Full Refund... NO QUESTIONS ASKED" So there is no risk for you, but if you wait and come back later, you’ll end up paying a lot more for this.

So What are you Waiting For?...Get Instant Access Right NOW!

Finally, You Can DUMP Your Expensive Designer And Inefficient Software -
Get Started Right Now With The Most Professional Logo Templates Package On The Planet.

You’ll get the same (or more profound) Logos for which you had to wait for days and pay $50+!

This is your chance to save your money and your time.

Not to mention, with our Private Label Rights option, you can even sell this package to anyone you want and generate outstanding profits from day one.

You can charge any amount between $50 and $500 for this awesome package and watch your bank account being overflowed with cash…at One-Time Ridiculously LOW Price!

So, Hurry Up before the price gets double (or more) than what it is right now.

Your Happiness & Prosperity,

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