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What Our Users are Saying?...

I've never personally seen any plug-in as INSTANTLY effective as WP-TabMagix! To be honest, I was a little bit skeptical when I first take a look at it. But all my doubts vanished into thin air when I install and use it. It really does put magic into your tabs. I really like its ability to boost conversions with such simplicity. Good Job Guys!

M Rustam Sandegi

WOAH, you’ve got to be kidding me! I really didn’t know boosting conversions could be that easy. I like the products which are easy to use and generate claimed results and WP-TabMagix is no-doubt one of them. Best Value for money software. Kudos to you guys!

Maftuch Junaidy Mhirda

Loss of Engagement means Lost Profits... How much are you losing?

It’s a known fact – ‘Engagement is the Foundation of Conversions.’
Your Traffic isn’t going to stick around unless you capture their attention immediately.
Engagement and attention span are what determine your conversion rate…Period.
After your traffic and product, attention is all that matters.
You’ve done all your research. You know your audience.
And you have something they need and want deep down.
But...Attention Spans are at an all time low!
It is a FACT Your traffic isn’t going to stick around unless you demand their attention.
Let us tell you a little secret, recent studies show that…

Idle Tabs are Conversion Killers!

90% of people who visit your site will browse to another site while your tab is still open in their browser...This is a HUGE MISSED OPPORTUNITY!!!

Do you know what it means?... It means that while your tab is still open in the browser, you have the chance to score a sale.

Yes, you can get more profits with the traffic you already have by just making a small change in your website tabs.

But How? Let us tell you…


Movements or Animation Draws and Focuses Attention…

It's a human trait we can all use to our advantage. Even though our attention span is 3 seconds less than a goldfish, we are hard-wired to be attracted to movements...

Take a look…

What it looks like BEFORE activating WP-TabMagix

What it looks like AFTER activating WP-TabMagix Using...
Custom Countdown; Scrolling Or Blinking Messages WITH Custom Images and Icons to DEMAND ATTENTION & ENGAGEMENT!

Now, can you see the effect?...
Browser tabs with little magical animations…

Demand Attention

Grab More Eye-balls

Command Engagement

Drag Traffic Back to Your Sites

Boost Your Conversions

Skyrocket Your Sales

Inflate Your Profits

And So Much More…

When visitors see something that contains movement, the eye is naturally drawn to that element, and engagement increases dramatically… Thus forcing your visitors to take a closer look.

Force people to return back to your sites, sales pages, blogs, by strategically animating your tabs, in order to subconsciously force their eyes to look and return back to your site.

But... You're Not a Coder Are You?

  • Okay, using animated tabs has so many benefits but it requires sound technical knowledge and strong coding skills to implement them on your sites.
  • And most of us are not web developers or coders, so it can be frustrating at times. Making changes takes time, know-how... Not to mention the COST.
  • You could be paying hundreds of dollars to coders just to enter a single line of code for you to animate your browser tabs.

But Not Anymore and Specifically Not For You…

Now you can Automatically Recoup up to 80% OR MORE of your lost traffic by brilliantly luring your distracted visitors back to your website… Without a lick of coding and paying through the nose to developers…

It means MASSIVELY BOOSTED CONVERSION with the traffic you already HAVE!

The best part is... WP-TabMagix is drop-dead simple to use, and at the same time so powerful it will blow you away.

And we are also providing you with step-by-step training videos to guide you through every step of the way.

Plug-In WP-TabMagix Into Action is as
Easy as A, B, C!!!


Download It

Download and install this awesome plugin in your WordPress dashboard and your site. Do not forget to activate it.


Customize It

From the Simple, User-Friendly Interface, make the necessary and desired changes in your site tabs.


Save & Enjoy It

Click on the Save button and voila, you are DONE! Now just recline to enjoy boosted engagement, conversions, and profits.

And That’s Just It!

No coding skills, no extra work, no long working hours’ frustration...Everything is done with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Without changing themes, updating or switching page builders.

Grab this EASY BUT POWERFUL, 'All-in-One' WP-TabMagix at 'Rock Bottom' Price!

Turn Your Browser Tabs into Work of Art and Command Engagement Whenever a Visitor Browses away from your Site Quickly and Easily with WP-TabMagix!!!

It works perfectly for any niche, regardless of size including:

Physical Product Owners

Digital Marketers

Affiliate Marketers

Growth Hackers

Service Providers


eCom Marketers

Local Businesses


And So Many More…

Everyone knows they have to captivate visitors’ attention incredibly fast nowadays. WP-TabMagix enables you to do just that…With just a few clicks of your mouse.

Let's Take a Peek at the Valuable Features of this Cutting-Edge WP Plugin..

Magically Animate Browsing Tabs:

Instantly add magic to your browser tabs by making their text blinking, scrolling, typing, etc.

Custom Favicon Setting:

Customize your tab favicons to make them more alluring and eye-catching.

100% Customize Message Frequencies:

Customize your tab messages, its frequencies, and time duration.

Instant Setup and Customization in Less Than 1 Minute:

It takes only a minute to set up and do all the customization to let the magic begin.

Newbie-Friendly and Powerful:

Completely newbie friendly, no tech skills required, at the same time powerful enough for the most advanced marketers.

Add Eye-Catching Icons:

You can add eye-catching icons from a vast library of BUILT-IN categorized icons to further enhance your messages.

Add Unlimited Messages:

Not one, not two but you can add unlimited messages of your choice.

Customize Individual Posts and Pages:

You are getting an option to customize the settings for an individual post and page.

Work Globally (Site-wise):

You can implement changes on full site, on every post and page with just a few clicks.

Compatible with 99.9% Themes & Page Builders:

Fully compatible and works seamlessly with almost every theme and page builder.

But Wait…
There are still more to come…
We Have Bonus Features for You!

Bonus PRO Feature #1:
The Sound Notification

Yes, it utilizes the secret tactic used by Facebook and many more Multi-million dollar companies: ‘The Sound Notification’...

Audio tickles the senses and will grab attention WITHOUT FAIL... And you can start pulling-in massive results with this one single technique.

Bonus PRO Feature #2:
Copy & Paste code on ANY WEBSITE!

It provides you a single line of code so that you can copy and paste it to use on any website!

You can do your magic on any website of your choice with just one line of code. Just copy and paste it and you are good to go.

Bonus PRO Feature #3:
Insert a Countdown Timer into Tabs

The best strategy to increase conversions – Create scarcity to push people to take the desired action… And it is completely ethical.

With this wonderful plugin, you can insert a countdown timer directly into tabs. This will increase scarcity to supercharge conversions with just a single click.

Now it's YOUR turn to just sit back and watch your engagement skyrocket and your profits increase as more people will return back to your site.

Grab it Now...Choose Your Licensing Option...

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Single Site License
Actual Price - $27.95
But for you Price is
WP TabMagix - Single Site License

Buy WP-TabMagix

Unlimited Site License
Actual Price - $47.95
But for you Price is
WP TabMagix - Unlimited Site License

Bonus 1

WP Ad Slinger Plugin

Facebook ads are exploding! It’s a format people are not getting tired of clicking on — in fact, as they get used to them, they click even more. Now you can easily implement those same kinds of ads on your sites, and get PAID when people click instead of paying Facebook.

And this outstanding plugin will allow you to create unlimited Facebook-style ads with just a few clicks. It mirrors the current style of Facebook’s column-based ads; you can set up and run the endless image and text-based ads.

Bonus 2

Mobile Optimizer WP Plugin

Blogs have been an effective way to generate insane profits online. And more than 52% of internet traffic is mobile users. Therefore it is extremely important to create your content masterpiece mobile optimized as to not miss this huge opportunity.

With this premium designed plugin, you can optimize your Wordpress blogs for mobile devices! You can automatically detect mobile device and display optimized website with your content. It works with every Wordpress theme on iPhone, iPad or Android.

Bonus 3

WP Spin Code Plugin

If you are a niche marketer or a PBN owner, managing so many websites is very time-consuming. Especially to the other of creating new content for those blogs to make your blog has fresh content.

The good news is that inside this bonus product package is a powerful software to will help you solve that kind of problem. Now you can always have fresh and new content on your WordPress blog using WP SpinCode Plugin!

Bonus 4

Share Per View Plugin

The fact is, much like sidebar ads and pop-up forms, we're growing used to the existence of social sharing buttons. So much so that in many cases, we don't even see them. Sure, you can pay for ads or boosted posts, but wouldn't it just be easier to get others to share your content for you?

Think of the organic reach you'd have then! And this incredible plug-in is your solution to all of these social sharing issues! With this, you can boost your engagement, encourage social sharing and virtually guarantee viral content.

Bonus 5

WordPress Ad Creator

Traffic is very important to one’s blog or website. And because of that website owners and online entrepreneurs do their part to find those leads or traffic online whether via SEO, Social Media Marketing or Pay Per Click Advertisement.

So if you want to create an ad inside your WordPress dashboard, this amazing plugin is a huge help to you. You can instantly create an Ad using WordPress Ad Creator!

Stunning Bonuses, Right?

Magically Increase Engagement and Conversions While Solving


WP-TabMagix does all the heavy lifting for you…

  • No expensive Conversion Rate Optimization required.
  • No web developers.
  • No new headlines, new copy, no new hooks, new images.
  • No new offers or lead magnets.
  • No extra time or money wasted.

Just add a little magic to your browser tabs and people will stay longer... And More of them will CONVERT!

Use this Coupon code "WPMGXSAVE15" to get 15% Discount on Unlimited Site License


Buy WP-TabMagix

Single Site License
Actual Price - $27.95
But for you Price is
WP TabMagix - Single Site License

Buy WP-TabMagix

Unlimited Site License
Actual Price - $47.95
But for you Price is
WP TabMagix - Unlimited Site License

What the Experts are saying
About this Mind-Blowing Plugin...?

Truly amazing and powerful plugin, you guys have covered important bases for boosting engagements. Very easy to operate and result-oriented tool. Successfully puts you in a position to drags visitors back to your sites or offers. This is definitely a must-have tool in your internet marketing arsenal. Nice Work Guys!

Bayu Tara Wijaya


I really love this new plugin Firelaunchers are offering. Their products quality always amaze me and this new tool really awestruck me with its functionalities. I like the interface and its capability to use sound notification technique. The best thing is, it captivates attention lightning fast. Highly recommended to every Result-Seeker!

Sam Arief

Without a doubt, this plugin truly revolutionizes the way we grab attention. I am really impressed with its features and interface. It is dead-simple to use and performs everything effortlessly. And you’ll also get over-the-shoulder training to make it work for you. What more you can ask for? Grab it Guys! It is a powerful deal.

Venkata Ramana


As an internet marketer, I've personally used WP-TabMagix and have to say I loved it. The way it makes your tabs attention-grabbing with just a few clicks literally blows me away. I'll be recommending this to everyone with a 10/10. It really is an essential tool in every marketer's arsenal.

Arif Chandra

Man, this is truly Awesome! This plugin really enhances your conversions and sales and it saves a lot of my time and energy. Dead-simple to use and performs everything in a few clicks. You’ve got a Goldmine that all marketers will surely love. I highly recommend it especially considering the price.

Luan Henrique


If anyone thinks grabbing your visitor’s attention with eye-catching tabs is easy, I am here to inform you that IT’S NOT! In fact, it is the most painstaking task and really boring. That’s the reason I love this plugin. Using it, everything will be done quickly and easily. Also, you will get outstanding results. Mind-blowing product for every success hungry marketer.

Harshal Jadhav

The concept of this advanced plugin really blows me away. Also, knowing that Firelaunchers are behind it, you can expect quality and for it to improve even further. I highly recommend this to any Profit-seeker online marketer to improve their conversions and revenue.

Arifianto Rahardi


You’ve nailed it, guys! Unlike any other WP plugins, it gets installed effortlessly fast. No spending long hours waiting to make it work for you. It’s undoubtedly fast and performs all the work in literally minutes. This is all-in-one site Engagement Optimization software that you must get your hands on.

Azam Dzulfikar

Wow, guys! WP-TabMagix is awesome and easy to use. It transforms your boring tabs into attention-demanding sparkles and gets the results you always aspired for. If higher conversions, leads, and sales appeal to you as much as it does to me, you're in the right place!

Deni Iskandar


Bang ON! Firelaunchers have created yet another masterpiece. I really love its features and the ease with which it automates the complete process in a few minutes. WP-TabMagix churns better engagement from your existing traffic, and more sales for your business with ease. Highly Recommended!

Roshni Dhal

Why Should You Choose Our WP-TabMagix?

  • Boost your conversions with magically animated tabs
  • AutoPlay sound... Overriding browser limitations
  • Insert dazzling messages and favicon in tabs
  • Works seamlessly for individual posts and pages
  • Newbie friendly with less than one-minute setup
  • Instant increase in results - no need to wait
  • Compatible with almost every theme and website builders
  • Pays for small investment over & over again immediately
  • Insert a count-down timer to create scarcity
  • Copy & paste a single line of code to any website
  • With step-by-step training videos to get you going in no-time
  • Get extra results and profits from your existing traffic
  • Included 5 exclusive mind-blowing bonuses
  • And so much more

The Bottom line is – You’ll be able to...
Sell More… Sell Faster… Sell Easier...

Our Incredible 'WP-TabMagix' Comes with Risk-Free, 30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee!!!

We are positively convinced that WP-TabMagix will work for you to get more conversions and sales. This is the reason we are backing this offer with our Iron-clad 30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you came to the conclusion that this not the product you are looking for and is not helping you in any way. You just drop us an email within 30 days of your purchase. We will refund your entire amount, no questions asked.

So What are you Waiting For?

Whatever you do online WP-TabMagix will help you Engage More & Make More!

It will take your old fashion boring website tabs and turn them into stylishly and engaging one instantly, without having a lick of coding knowledge.

Trust us, this is the Most Powerful Solution you will ever get your hands on….And deserves a HEAVY PRICE.

BUT, our objective is to enable every entrepreneur and small marketers to arm themselves with what it takes to dominate their niche.

So, we decided to offer it to you AT a very HEAVY Discount but only for the next FEW DAYS.

Take advantage of this Special Launch offer and get instant access to WP-TabMagix at Dirt-Cheap Price NOW!!!

We know that the prices are insanely low for such a value-packed offer, but it will increase soon.

If you wait and come back later, you’ll have to pay way more than what we are asking now.

Grab it quickly and get miles ahead of your competitors in terms of Conversions, Sales, and Money.

Your Happiness & Prosperity,

P.S. This is a must-have plugin for every WordPress site. Chances are you are losing potential customers and money because of prevailing dreaded 'distracted-visitor' syndrome. Don’t Waste Any More... Let WP-TabMagix fix everything for you in just a few clicks.

Still here?
Here are few Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for you...

  • I don’t know any technical stuff; will this work for me too?
    Absolutely, we have built this plugin so that anyone, even newbies could use it without any problem. There are no technical skills required. Also, we are providing you with step-by-step training videos to guide you through every step of the way.
  • Can I use this plugin for my old websites?
    Yes, WP-TabMagix works seamlessly for all your websites including Pre-existing sites as well. Just follow the steps and you can breathe life back to them. But please make sure that you buy our unlimited site license.

  • Is it compatible with Mac?
    Yes! Since this is a WordPress plugin, this will work when using ANY computer including Mac. All you need is WordPress on your site and it will work for you effortlessly.
  • Will you show me how to install and use this plugin to its full potential?
    Sure, we have included over-the-shoulder; step-by-step video training for you so that can easily install it and start taking advantage of this awesome plugin.

  • Do you charge any monthly fee for this plugin?
    No, there are no monthly or hidden charges. You just have to pay once to get instant access to this advanced plugin.
  • Do you provide any support?
    Yes, we have a fully dedicated support team for you if you have any questions and queries regarding our products and services.
  • Can you please elaborate the Licensing Options?
    Yes, we have 2 Licenses for ‘WP-TabMagix’ both will be having the same features and work seamlessly for you. The only difference is if you opt for Single Site License, you can install it on only YOUR SINGLE WP SITE. And with Unlimited Site License, You can install it on your as many WP sites as you want.
  • Is my Investment risk-free?
    Of Course, we understand the value of your hard-earned dollars and assure you that this will be your best investment in terms of ROI. Also, you are backed by our 30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with our product, drop us an email within 30 Days of Your Purchase and we will return your amount.
  • Can I Install it on my client’s Website?
    Well, Yes you can but not with this purchase. With this purchase, you will only get the Personal Use License. But you can get Full Developers’ Rights on the Upsell Page. Once you purchase developers license you can use it for your clients or for anyone else.
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