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Your lead generation can increase significantly through webinars!

Are you struggling to sell your online products and coaching programs again in 2017 but are still not using webinars?

Einstein was quoted as saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.

It’s time for a change of plans and a breakthrough in 2017. It is time to change the way you build your online business. It is time to start leveraging the most powerful online medium of all. Webinars.

Just like any other content marketing, webinars are about adding value and offering something that is interesting and helps solve problems for your audience.

Before we dive in, let’s take a look at some statistics that show the benefits of webinar marketing for your business.

For example, according to the Content Marketing Institute, 58% of marketers use webinars for promotion? And about 32% of them think webinar marketing will be critical to their success this year.

When you dig down into the webinar marketing statistics there’s even more data to show just how effective marketing with webinars can be:

Only around half of the people who register for a webinar actually attend

Still, the results of using webinars speak for themselves:

1. Jeff Molander of MakeSocialMediaSell got a 29% close rate from a single webinar.

2. Scott Britton made $11,286 from his course using a webinar.

3. Ilean Harris has a 20% conversion rate from her webinars

It’s clear that webinar marketing can really work, not just to promote a business, but to actually sell products and services.

Webinars are the highest converting online medium with sales rates on average between 10%-20% vs an average of 2.35% for sales pages alone.

If you are selling anything over $100, you are going to sell a whole lot more on a webinar than on your sales page or through your email follow-up alone.


Simple - People buy from those they know, like, and trust and webinars are the next best thing to meeting in person.

Why do webinars? Because they work and this is not going to change in the near future.

Webinars stimulate native human emotions that have been around for thousands of years. The ability to hear you, to see you and to interact with you online is the strongest, fastest way for people to trust you. Period.

We have put together all the resources you need to help you succeed with your webinar marketing Strategy and are already being used by some of the best marketers on the web.

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Once you’ve downloaded our Webinar Mastery HD Training Videos and mastered the strategies given, you’ll see that it's valuable to consider investing some of your hard earned dollars into creating a profitable webinar marketing strategy so that you can gain more customer visibility and engagement and establish yourself as an industry authority.

Explore the tools and tips shared in these video tutorials, and see which ones work best for you and your business.

Webinars are powerful for list building.

Not only can webinars be fun, they can be the most fruitful lead generation, customer acquisition and revenue building tool in your arsenal.

Hence, we have made the best blend of modern day practices, tools and apps bringing the best knowledge to you in this powerful and Massive Webinar Mastery HD Training.

Get the maximum out of our video tutorials that are...

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Webinar Mastery HD Video Training!

This is a complete collection of 15 High Definition videos with step by step content. Here’s the breakdown:

In Video #1: which is the Introduction video, you will get a detailed explanation of what will be included in the complete training, so that you can have a clear vision of what to expect from it.

In Video #2: You will find out the basics of webinars and getting started with it.

In Video #3: You will find out what are the Best tips to deliver great webinar presentations in 2017.

In Video #4: You will know the Best Tools and Services for conducting webinars.

In Video #5: You will understand the pros and cons of Live and On-demand Webinar Marketing and identify which is the best for your business.

In Video #6: You will come across Planning and executing a webinar step by step.

In Video #7: You will find tips for Creating great content for your webinar.

In Video #8: You will come across the top ways to Boost Your Content Marketing with Webinars in 2017.

In Video #9: You will find out how to Promote Your Webinars in 2017.

In Video #10: You will find Post-Webinar Activities for maximum sales.

In Video #11: You’ll discover methods to repurpose webinar content.

In Video #12: You will find out when do you really need to host a webinar and when you should not.

In Video #13: You will find how to Host Minimum Viable Webinars.

In Video #14: You will come across the tips to measuring Webinar Success using Google Analytics.

In Video #15: Top Webinar Mistakes you need to avoid.

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In this high-impact Video Training Course, we’ll walk you through the exact process of conducting your profitable webinar step by step. And we’ll give you everything you need to pick up those engaged and loyal subscribers.

With our Webinar Mastery HD Video Training, you get access to use our hottest and demonstrated tools and tips which are designed to turn your website into a massive subscriber powerhouse you’ve always dreamed of.

You’ll sell more products, services & get more high paying customers, with a lot less effort. As an added bonus, you’ll also gain control over your digital marketing, attain instant reach and unlimited exposure for your brand.

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