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( Private Label Rights option included)

"One-third of the most-viewed Instagram
Stories are from businesses"

Since Vertical Videos Gained Popularity With People, Marketers Have
Moved Onto This Content, Especially To Leverage Social Media Platforms.

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Tiktok's Total Ad Revenues This Year Will
Top $11 Billion, More Than Triple
Its Ad Earnings From 2020"

Source - Insider Intelligence

The Big Social Platforms Are Embracing It!

Social behemoths like IGTV, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok & Snapchat are investing strongly in the vertical video syndrome...

  • Snapchat Records 10 Billion Plus Vertical Video Views Per Day.
  • Facebook Will Be Able To Earn $9.6 Billion For Video Advertising Alone.
  • Instagram Reported ARevenue Estimated To $24 Billion In 2020.

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( Private Label Rights option included)

Even Though you know the benefits of Using
vertical Videos...There is a problem...
They are expensive & time consuming..

For many businesses creating vertical videos can seem like a daunting endeavour. Also, a lot of time and effort goes into producing vertical video content and publishing it to your target market.

There are TWO options for ever marketer…

Option 1:

Shooting Own Videos

You need expensive equipment and spend time and money neglecting important aspects of your business. Most Probably, you can’t afford that.

Option 2:    Buying Videos from Popular Video Sites

Now that seems like a good option. You can buy your video from popular sites. BUT do you have any idea what they are charging?... ‘But they charge no less than $180-$348 Annual subscription for vertical video templates in any niche…

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Our Templates Are designed In Super-Hot, Profitable niches – Take a Look...










Vertical Video Firesale
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Vertical Video Firesale
Private Label Rights

True High-quality Royalty Free Videos

Many video bundles promise you to provide HD videos, but they are only in 480p.
The Vertical video bundle will deliver you true HD quality, 4k, 1080p for every single video you get inside.
With Royalty Free feature, there is no worrying about copyright issues ever.
Selling these would fetch you more income!

5000 Video Templates

Instantly create Stunning vertical videos& Ads for your social feeds from a vast library of 5000 video templates in multiple niches.

9 Hot Niches To choose from

We have covered almost all the in demand and evergreen 9 niches that can be used/sold like hot cakes to brands and businesses.

Share Your Videos On Facebook/YouTube/Instagram/TikTok/Snapchat

Use Vertical videos & Ads on social media platforms for tremendous results – spike up conversions, get more traffic, leads and sales.

Just share them and skyrocket your income…

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That means not only you can use these videos to grow your business, but you can also rebrand them to sell & generate multiple income streams

Easily Charge $50- $150 per video...

Creators are making Hundreds of dollars over and over again selling vertical videos to thousands of businesses who are looking for HQ vertical videos..

You can decide what to charge for 1,10,20,30, 500 - any number of videos….and make limitless income….

Even a meagre price of $50 per video can make you an income of $500 -$1000 a month.

Imagine doing it for 5000 videos...$250,000 and more!!!

This can be your life changing income helping you to live the life of your dreams.

This package is For Anyone Looking To Make QUICK
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To Businesses!

Local Marketers

Marketing Agencies

Fiverr professionals


Social Media Marketers

Product creators

Online & Offline Businesses

Ecom Store Owners

Literally, ANY BUSINESS–

Vertical Videos Can Ramp up Your sales & traffic
on Facebook, IGTV, TikTok, Snapchat & YouTube!

SOME of The MANY Ways Vertical Video Firesale
Will Boost Your Income & Business...

  • Rebrand them to sell them to others for insane profits
  • Generate an additional passive income stream with your marketing on YouTube.
  • Use them as promotional videos/Video Ads on Facebook and drive tons of traffic.
  • Create an engaging Instagram video and attract more clients.
  • Use them for video Ads in various projects of your own or your client's
  • Perform video marketing on Snapchat to get free viral traffic
  • Bundle it with your other products and sell a bigger package for even bigger profits
  • Create a demo website and charge monthly subscription amount to access these videos

And So Much More...
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Vertical Video Firesale
Personal Use

Vertical Video Firesale
Private Label Rights

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Vertical Video Firesale
Personal Use

Vertical Video Firesale
Private Label Rights

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