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Stress has become a "World Wide Epidemic" and thus making Stress-Management Industry a "Pot of Gold"!!!

People want to reduce their stress levels which are depriving them from a much-longed sense of peace, satisfaction, and tranquility in their lives. Therefore, this Niche is making its Mark in the Market.


  • Studies indicated that overall employee stress levels "have risen nearly 20% in the last three decades."
  • The lifetime prevalence of an emotional disorder is more than 50% often resulting from chronic, untreated stress.
  • According to the American Psychological Association (APA), the average stress level of adults in the United States was 5.1 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Moreover, Stress increases the risk of...

Heart Disease by 40%

Heart Attack by 25%

Stroke by 50%

And that’s not all; stress is linked to a whole host of problems:

Poor digestion


High-blood pressure



Liver cirrhosis

Respiratory disorders

Feeling anxious, irritable and fatigue

Muscle tension or headaches

Social withdrawal

Decreased libido

Apathy or loss of interest at work

Problem concentrating

Use of drugs or alcohol to cope

And other health issues all are on the increase…

That is the exact reason why more and more people are looking forward to stress-management strategies eagerly.

The Pain of Stress has become Self-help Industry’s Gain!

Stress management is a stable market clasping a total worth of $13.9 Billion a year and is growing annually, but those figures actually understate the heft of the stress-management industry.

So now is the perfect time for you to get involved and Bank Big like never before.

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Actually, right on this page, we are offering you a golden chance to build the door of Success by stepping your foot into this Industry with our Ultra-Charged “Stress Relieving Mantra” HD Video Course with Private Label Rights that will not only Reduce Your Stress Levels but also Make Success look easy while Simultaneously Boosting your Bank Balance.

From everything about stress, stressors, chronic stress, its relationship with adrenal fatigue, body pains, to managing stress with lifestyle changes, work-life balance, home-based techniques, positive self-talk and most effective stress busters - we have included every single thing you need or will need to control your stress and anxiety and make money at the same time…

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Order Now with 100% Confidence on 100% Secure Servers

(Private Label Rights included)


This HD Video course with PLR helps satisfy those
who want to get a 'cash-grab' product

Based on legitimate ‘stress-management’ techniques, to deliver massive value to their customers.

Upgrade your purchase with our video tutorials that are...

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Module #1 – Training Videos for Upsell Offer
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These 16 high-quality videos contain excellent tips and techniques to manage your stress and reduce time to profits, based on extensive research and advice from the experts in the industry.

Created by professionals, we are sure to accelerate your upsell sales numbers by what we are going to provide in these cool training videos.

Module #2 – Professional Upsell Minisites
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What more can you ask for…and we have already done that for you. Yes, we have professionally designed the Sales Pages for you even for your upsell offer to just use them for your sales funnel. You do not have to invest your time and energy in hiring professionals or writing on your own. These templates are ready to use to improvise your upsell sales.

Module #3 – Doodle Style Upsell Sales Video
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We have also included modernized Doodle style Sales videos for your upsell page that will drive traffic and further improve your sales conversions. That is the reason we are giving you these videos as a part of the upsell offer to accelerate your sales to the next level.

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Module #4 – Upsell Follow up E-mail Swipes
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In this module, we are providing you with professionally written email swipes for the upsell page that will substantially accelerate your sales and profits. You can always choose any one of them, insert it in your autoresponder, pick a subject line and send it to persuade further.

Module #5 – Professionally designed Graphics for Upsell Offer
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We will provide you with a complete set of professionally designed graphics for selling the product in the upsell offer as well. It will include necessary artwork to sell the product and make it more convincing; you’ll be able to edit these graphics at your own convenience. Hence, we will provide the images in both PSD format and PNG format.

Module #6 – Professional Upsell Sales copy
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These professionally created and highly converting Upsell sales page copy can get huge sales rolling in as part of your upsell sales drive. You will get the entire marketing material for your sales funnel.

Module #7 – Expert Presentation slides (PPT)
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We will also share the presentation slides used in recording videos so that they come handy for your own webinars or seminars.

Module #8 – Raw Video Files
(Value - $720)

You will get access to the raw video voice over scripts of the complete training. The source files come in multiple text formats and with private label rights.

Module #9 – Audio Files
(Value - $960)

You get access to the audio version of the video training so they can listen to them if they prefer. You can use these audio source files however you want.

Module #10 – Social Post Images
(Value - $47)

As part of this module, we are offering you a bundle of 15 images which can be used anywhere to market your products with absolutely no pain and hassle. These images are motivational and related to the self-help niche which comes along with PSD formats so that you can edit them as per your own choice and convenience.

Yes, all your wishes are coming true. To make this upsell offer more irresistible we are providing you complete lead generation system that will convert your website into subscribers’ powerhouse and your visitors into long-term customers within a blink. Inside you will get:

Sub-module #1 – Squeeze Page Index File
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We are providing you eyeballs-grabbing and action-driving squeeze page index file. You just have to upload it with your form code and boom! You are all set to get a long list of subscribers instantly.

Sub-module #2 – Squeeze Page Copy
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You will get a professionally written squeeze page copy. You don’t have to invest your time in writing on your own. Also, there is no need to hire professionals. Everything is done-for-you.

Sub-module #3 – Squeeze Page Graphics
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As said, everything is done-for-you. We are also providing you with eye-popping squeeze page graphics. Just use them and you are good to go.

Sub-module #4 – Squeeze Page Free Report
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We are providing you everything on a silver platter. You will get professionally written squeeze page free report also. Just give this value-packed report to your customers and get sky-high subscribers.

Sub-module #5 – Squeeze Page Follow-up swipes
(Value - $40)

With everything mentioned above, you will also get professionally written email swipes to promote your offer. You just pick a subject line and in one-tap send it to persuade further.

So with Stress Relieving Mantra Upgrade pack, you get access to use our hottest and demonstrated tools and tips which will enable you and your business:

Just download it, brand it as your own and make money online like a PRO!

So what is the Offer price for this Accelerator version?

Even you can imagine the time, efforts and money spent in building such extensive research-based products.

Yes, it is quite expensive to create these high-quality audios, videos, and graphics.

But we have decided to offer this value pack for an unreasonably low price. Not possible to find such an offer at such an absurd price.

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Stress Relieving Mantra PLR

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Our "Stress Relieving Mantra" Accelerator Pack comes with a special 30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Although we are 100% sure that our phenomenal product will make you happy with its amazing tips and techniques to boost your career success and business’ expansion.

But, if you come to the conclusion that for some reason this is not the product that you were looking for… just drop us an email within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund the entire amount to you. “No Questions Asked”.

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Due to our constant feeling of overwhelmed and inability to cope with what life is throwing towards us… There is tremendous growth in the stress-management industry as more and more people are desperately searching an effective roadmap to reduce their anxiety and restlessness before it’s too late.

Studies suggest that stress niche receives over 9,000,000 Global Searches every month… Therefore it’s very clear how it will affect any business point of view for reaching targeted customers.

With every passing day, this Billion Dollar Industry is fructifying – and yet that you’re NOT leveraging the potential of this— you are falling short of making immense profits.

Team - Firelaunchers

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