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As said extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidences and what better evidence than some facts. Let’s have a look:

  • Companies which use 4K videos in their marketing campaigns enjoy 27% higher CTR than those which don’t.
  • Youtube searches including the term 4K have increased over 250%.
  • Less than 1% videos being uploaded in 4K.

Though 4K videos are trending you cannot ignore the fact that they are extremely hard to create manually and super expensive to outsource.

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Big Guys are charging flipping Big amount for a SINGLE VIDEO.

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As if it is not enough, you have to be 100% sure that the video you are using is Completely Free from Copyright Issues.

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There are Endless Possibilities where you can use these videos and here we are listing some of them. You can use these Videos as:

All videos in this collection are fully compatible with every Latest Video Creation Software.

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Options Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, and Personal Use Rights are Available.
You can choose according to your convenience.

1. You can choose Personal Rights option in case you do not wish to resell it further and use it for your own thing.

2. Resale Rights option: You can choose this option if you want to resell the product and keep 100% of the sale. You CANNOT modify it or rebrand it.

But who are we kidding. You are here because you need something that will not only explode your Profits but at the same time establish your Brand Recognition.

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Bonus 1
20 Cool 1080p animated 'Niche Specific' character videos

20 really cool 1080p animated 'Niche Specific' character videos...

Extremely cool video collection sorted and assorted according to High-In Demand Niche which you can use in any way you want.

Animated Videos provides in-depth professional look to videos results in User-Friendly interface and you can use them without any copyright hassle.

Bonus 2
Various Stock Images

Stock Images For You To Use In Your Projects And Your Clients Projects.

Images are considered as key element to attract attention of your perspective audience. But you cannot simply download images from any website and use them because they may have restricted their usage via copyright law.

The good news is that inside this, is a bundle of various stock images which you can use any ways you want without any copyright-issue.

Bonus 3
Animated Web Graphics Pro

Brand New Package Of High-Quality Animated Web Graphics with Full Source File.
Double Blast!!! This package consists of 2 types of files:

1. Transparent GIF files: Contains a full library of Transparent GIFs which you can use with any desired background you want in your project and website.

2. Source PSD files: You can use the source files to customize the graphics and change the colors, styles, sizes, text, etc.

Bonus 4
Graphics Tornado

Over 500+ Exclusively Done-for-You Stunning Marketing Graphics!

Now you don’t have to tirelessly spent hours or even days creating Eye-Popping Graphics for your website or projects. We have it covered for you.

Inside this One Box you’ll get:
Feature list box, Call to action buttons, Funnel Illustration, Pricing Option, Shelfes (Woody and Silver), Browser Display, Hand Written Text, Steps Panels…….
And so much more...

Bonus 5
Web Security Graphics

Bundle of Amazing, Neatly assorted, high quality graphics in the web security niche market which you can use today, to your blog and other marketing media you have in hand.

You may already know that human minds works visually in which our imagination, calculations and memories takes place. You can utilize this attribute to simply attract more potential audience by providing them eye-catching graphics presentations.

Remember the Bonuses we are including with this Colossal Package are not some trash bonuses which you can find or get anywhere else. These bonuses have combining worth of $218 and we are providing them to few of our early customers for Free.

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