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An Awesome, Finest, Biggest and Completely Royalty-Free 'Media Assets Kit' to Make this Upcoming Year Your Best Year in terms of Profits and Success!!!

  • You cannot deny the fact that Visuals are and have been the surefire way to make SALES online.
  • It has been established that using high-quality visuals on your pitch-page or website will engage, attract and grab more users. As a matter of fact:

Greater Retention

Enhancing Trust

Attention Gripping

Emotions Conveying

Positively Influence Buying Behavior

Effective for people of all ages

  • Yes, visuals skyrocket your visitors, conversions, and profits but there’s a problem. High-Quality Visuals are hard to create manually and super expensive to outsource.
  • See what people are charging for Media Assets….Even for a single file!

Way too darn expensive!

  • And don’t even think about creating Media Assets on your own. Because it requires creativity, expensive equipment/software, tech skills and more importantly bucket-loads of Time and Efforts!!!
  • Don’t forget that you need to be 100% sure that the media assets you are using are 100% Royalty-Free to use.
  • If not you will get yourself in a hideous law-suit trouble that will cost you an arm and a leg or even worse…YOUR WHOLE INTERNET MARKETING BUSINESS!
  • Scary isn’t it? But not anymore and specifically Not for You…

A Breath-taking, Christmas & New Year Gift, For Our Precious Customers!!!

A Jaw-dropping collection of more than 68000+ Media Assets including Videos, Audios, Images, GIFs, Vector Graphics etc. all for the price much lower than what expected to be paid for even a Single One!

Everything is assorted by us and 100% Royalty Free...Means you can use them with complete confidence and security knowing you are not breaking any copyright laws.

>>And Many More<<

>>And Many More<<

>>And Many More<<


>>And Many More<<

>>And Many More<<

>>And Many More<<


>>And Many More<<

The Best Part is - This Largest Media Assets Collection is coming with Full Private Label Rights

With this, you can rebrand it and even repurpose it to grow your business. You can edit the contents, slap in your name & logo and you’re all set to get insane results.

And... YOU got to Keep Every Cent You Make!

Grab the package now…

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Media Assets Kit Upsell Pack

So What’s the Actual Worth of the Complete Package of
"Media Assets Kit"?

Let’s calculate the actual cost of this complete Media Assets Package based on the above proofs…

Media Assets
1500 1080p HD Videos
750 4K UHD Videos
40K HD Stock Images
3000 Premium Audios
8000 Animated Graphics (GIFs)
15K+ Vector Graphics
250+ Motion Viral Videos
Price of a
Single File
$ 79

Calculating Total Price
1500 x $ 79 = $118500
750 X $199 = $149250
40000 X $80 = $3200000
3000 X $34 = $102000
8000 X $69 = $552000

15000 X $30 = $450000
250 X $8 = $2000
Total Price


Total Price of “Media Assets Kit” = $4573750

We have shown you the proofs for every media asset above, but if you still have doubts dig up the internet and you’ll realize how much people are charging for even a single media file of this quality.

But you don’t have to pay this much…Not even half of it!

Considering that this is your Christmas Present…Today you can grab all these media assets with Private Label Rights for the price of a box of pizza.

Literally, this is the Biggest Media Assets Collection of the Year which is for you to grab even with PLR Opportunity at DIRT CHEAP PRICE!

This is the deal that will get the ball rolling for you in the upcoming year and beyond…You pay us NO on-going fees or royalties...And get instant access at one-time ridiculously low price.

Don’t miss out or pay 100X somewhere else!!!

A Few of the Thousand Ways you can Profit from
"Media Assets Kit"!

Create your own web store and sell these assets individually

Make small bundles of individual media asset type and sell them for pure profits

Go Viral on Facebook by posting the media assets as your own and drive traffic anywhere to any location

Create a Viral Buzz on Pinterest using these media assets

Win Twitter by posting 100% viral content using these media assets

Share them on Instagram and Skyrocket your followers

Integrate them in your blog post and grab more eyeballs

Enjoy better CTR on YouTube with HD videos

Create Videos, Social Graphics, Image Covers, etc. and sell it as a service on Fiverr

Generate traffic from everywhere, be it video marketing, image posts, feeds etc.

You can split them according to niches & sell royalty-free, niche-specific media assets.

And so Much More...

There is Limitless Potential in this kit.

Grab it with 100% Confidence and use them with absolutely 0-restrictions.

Hurry Up! Discounted Price Expires In…

Buy Media Assets Kit

Media Assets Kit Upsell Pack

What are the Experts Saying about this awesome product…?

When I first heard about media assets kit I was a bit skeptical, I mean who wouldn’t? Over 60K media assets at a price so cheap, I thought they would have low-quality assets, but guys I have never been this wrong. Ultimate collection they are offering. Everything is in high quality and perfectly assorted. Must Buy!

Sorin Constantin


I really love this awesome collection Firelaunchers are offering. Their products quality always amaze me and this new media assets kit awestruck me. There are so many media assets including videos, audios, images, graphics, gifs and everything is available with PLR. What more anyone could ask for? Highly recommended!

Aries Firmansyah

This is CRAZY! Media Assets Kit has EVERY SINGLE MEDIA ASSET TYPE anyone need for their successful online business. You are getting so many things in a single package like videos, images, graphics - all are stunning and with Private Label Rights, a complete source for consistent online income. I am really Blown Away!

Bayu Tara Wijaya


Another great stuff from this man , save time and money also you can claim as you want with Private Label Rights

Anugerah Syaifullah

I have seen so many PLR packages online but Firelaunchers’ this deal is definitely throwing everyone else out of the water. Outstanding quantity with eye-popping quality. Everything is just perfect and with Private Label Rights many marketers can make a killing online by selling this value-packed package. You have a winner here!

Jeremiah Villagomez


Firelaunchers has done a marvelous job at putting together a giant & comprehensive package to cover your PLR needs. If you’re looking for high-quality PLR to last you for ages, look no further than Media Assets Kit. Just a small bunch of media assets from this collection can be sold for way more than the amount they are charging. And they are also throwing in Private Label Rights at this ridiculously low price. Go for it guys…this is an awesome deal!

Arif Chandra

I am totally speechless, this package is a complete blaster. I know when I see a new collection being released, I can expect spectacular from these guys. But this one is totally mind-blowing. The sheer quantity of media assets in various niches along with the RR & PLR is a must have for online marketers. I like what I see, great product and awesome value!! Love it all!

M Rustam Sandegi


Guys your collection of Media Assets Kit is really awesome. I mean what you are delivering at this price is not just value for money but also a bit overwhelming for this price. 68K+ media assets with PLR and everything is well assorted…man this is what we call “rare gem”. Keep up the good work!

Maghfur Amin

Priceless…This is the first thing that comes into my mind after I go through the Media Assets Kit. As an internet marketer, I know how hard it is to find high-quality media assets be it video, audio or an eye-catching image. Therefore this deal is like a miracle for internet marketers. And with Private Label Rights, a surefire way to make great bucks online. Nice work!

Sam Arief


WOW, another great offer from Firelaunchers. To say this "Media Assets Kit" is worth every penny is an understatement. I am impressed with everything they are providing - audios, videos, images, gifs, graphics, everything is great and in high-quality. But the private label rights makes this deal a total money maker. This deserves my best recommendation, go for it guys!

Maftuch Junaidy Mhirda

Let’s Have a Quick Recap...

What you are getting today?

1500+ 1080p HD Video Footages

750+ 4K Ultra-HD Video Footages

40K+ HD Stock Images

3000+ Premium Audios

8000+ Animated Graphics (GIFs)

15K+ Vector Graphics

250+ Motion Viral Videos (Video Quotes)

100% Copyright & Royalty-Free

With Full Private Label Rights (PLR)

No Monthly Charges

This opens the doors to countless opportunities for you. It will not only give you a sense of security knowing you are completely LEGAL & not breaking any copyright laws, but will also make your overall online presence SHINE, so you can leapfrog your competitors instantly.

Not to mention that for a limited time period, we are providing this whole package with PLR, that too at this

Our Risk-Free

100% Money-Back Guarantee!!!

We are positively convinced that you’ll love ‘Media Assets Kit’ just as much as we do.

If you’re not completely satisfied with our product and don’t see the amazing value behind it, we will totally refund your money. Just Let Us Know within 30 days of your purchase... and We’ll Issue a Full Refund... NO QUESTIONS ASKED"

So there is no risk for you, but if you wait and come back later, you’ll end up paying a lot more for this.

So What are you Waiting For ?...
Get Instant Access Right NOW!

If you want to be successful, make the money you always desired & live the life of your dreams while maintaining your Brand’s Identity, 'Media Assets Kit' is For You!

This is the Biggest Media Firesale of the Year…We bet you’ve never seen something like this before. More than 68K+ Media Assets for pennies on the dollar…This is the product people will kill for.

We are also throwing in Private Label Rights as well, means an ultimate opportunity to get your investment back in no time.

But all good things don’t last forever. So, Hurry Up before the price gets double (or more) than what it is right now.

Your Happiness & Prosperity,

Still here?
Here are few Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for you…

  • What is 'Media Assets Kit'?
    Media Assets Kit as the name suggests is an Ultimate collection of 68K+ Media Assets which includes:

    • 1500+ 1080p HD Video Footages
    • 750+ 4K Ultra-HD Video Footages
    • 40K+ HD Stock Images
    • 3000+ Premium Audios
    • 8000+ Animated Graphics (GIFs)
    • 15K+ Vector Graphics
    • 250+ Motion Viral Videos (Video Quotes)

    You’ll get instant access to all media assets with Private Label Rights. Do not confuse it with a software and application. It is a pure media assets collection.

  • Do you charge any monthly fee for this offer?
    No, our complete package of 'Media Assets Kit' is available at ONE-TIME Payment only. You will pay only once to get instant access. There are no monthly or hidden charges

  • What if I am not happy with the product after purchase?
    If you are not satisfied with our product quality then you can request a full refund for your purchase within 30 days. You will get your money back ASAP. No question asked.
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