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  • Breakdown the Content into Chunks to Use it Any Way to Like in form of Blogs, Bonuses, Trainings, etc.

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Do you want to be a part of small league or Be a Recognizable Top Marketer that millions are aspiring for?

Without a shadow of doubt, it is sure that a Top-Converting PLR product with a High-End Funnel is the key to Making Money Online.

But, What are these Top-Converting PLR products?

The ones which offer Valuable and HOT content on an Evergreen niche!

Social Media Marketing is one such Brilliant Niche that is about creating content to bring your audience together as a community and inspiring authentic conversions simultaneously increasing the brand awareness.

Among this, LinkedIn is Trending Exceptionally Well among Top, High-Rated Professionals willing to sell their Products and Services or Find New Talent.

LinkedIn has the potential to:

  • Give prominence to your brand
  • Promote your skillset
  • Follow leading companies and gain deep insight into their marketing tactics
  • Exposure to vast audience
  • Drive high-quality leads easily
  • Create Powerful content with Inbuilt features
  • Build trust and credibility

Needless to say,

LinkedIn is like a platter of cutting-edge tools meant for targeting potential audience base resulting in hiking conversions especially on B2B websites.

But…There’s a Challenge to This!

Comprehending LinkedIn and using it as a marketing tool is the CRUX of the Matter.

You cannot simply download the application or create a profile and get the Ball rolling…

There’s much you need to learn, understand and implement before you get the Outcome you’re have desired for so long!

Plus, building a tested, highly-efficient Sales funnel is another worrisome and horrific task…

IMAGINE…If you had a shortcut to skip ALL of this and jump straightaway to the Uncountable dollars floating in your Bank Accounts..!

AND…Fortunately…This is possible!

To help you sail through this, we have gathered all the resources with step-by-step instructions in this Training Kit that includes updated tips and strategies to excel in this and enhance your online presence.

It will Augment your Brand Recognition and Make Your Business an Overnight sensation, thereby Driving More Sales and Upto 5X conversions…

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(Unrestricted Private Label Rights Included)

Module #1 – 40 Step-by-Step Training Videos

You’ll get 40 step-by-step training videos which are the continuation videos of the basic package and will show you exactly how to get started with LinkedIn and generate life-changing income. Everything is screen-recorded and well-explained. We have covered everything we think you need to know. Inside you’ll get…

Check Out The Demo

Chapter 11 – How to get recommendation from other LinkedIn user

Chapter 12 – Give kudos to someone

Chapter 13 – How to follow other LinkedIn users

Chapter 14 - Share interesting posts

Chapter 15 – Create company page

Chapter 16 - How to post a job for your company

Chapter 17 – How to use LinkedIn marketplace

Chapter 18 - Utilize Linkedin groups

Chapter 19 – Optimize your LinkedIn headline

Chapter 20 - Optimize your LinkedIn photo

Chapter 21 – SEO-Friendly LinkedIn Content

Chapter 22 - Claim personalized linkedin URL

Chapter 23 – How to use profile section

Chapter 24 – How to build profile resume

Chapter 25 – How to use Pulse

Chapter 26 – How to create LinkedIn group

Chapter 27 - How to manage Linkedin group

Chapter 28 – Download your LinkedIn contacts

Chapter 29 – How to Research Organizations on LinkedIn

Chapter 30 – How to Find Strategic Networking Targets

Chapter 31 – How to find best prospect on LinkedIn

Chapter 32 – How to connect with your prospect on LinkedIn

Chapter 33 – How to use LinkedIn videos

Chapter 34 – How to use Linkedin polls

Chapter 35 – How to repost other peoples content

Chapter 36 – How to create LinkedIn ads account

Chapter 37 – How to design your ad creatives using canva

Chapter 38 – Campaign groups

Chapter 39 – Create your target audience on LinkedIn ad

Chapter 40 – LinkedIn campaign performance

Chapter 41 – LinkedIn email scraping

Chapter 42 – Ad Formats

Chapter 43 – Ad Bidding

Chapter 44 – Ad Scheduling

Chapter 45 – Ad Placement

Chapter 46 – How to setup Image Ads

Chapter 47 – How to setup Text ads

Chapter 48 – How to setup Message Ads

Chapter 49 – How to setup carousel Ads

Chapter 50 – 50 Creating a simple LinkedIn video ad in Canva

Module #2

Video Raw Files

(Value - $1295)

You will get access to the raw video files of the complete training. The source files come in multiple text formats.

Module #3

Audio Files

(Value - $925)

You get access to the audio version of the video training so you can listen to them if you prefer. You can use these audio source files however you want.

Module #4

Video Voice-Over Script

(Value - $1150)

You will get all the transcription scripts of the complete video training voiceovers. You can also use these scripts however you want.

Take A Look At The Resellers Module...

Module #5

High-Converting Upsell Sales Copy

(Value - $516)

These professionally created and highly converting Upsell sales page copy can get huge sales rolling in as part of your upsell sales drive. You will get the entire marketing material for your sales funnel.

Module #6

Doodle Style Upsell Sales Video

(Value - $486)

We have also included modernized Doodle-style Sales videos for your upsell page that will drive traffic and further improve your sales conversions. That is the reason we are giving you these videos as a part of the upsell offer to accelerate your sales to the next level.

Module #7

Professionally designed Upsell Graphics

(Value - $260)

We will provide you with a complete set of professionally designed graphics for selling the product in the upsell offer as well. It will include the necessary artwork to sell the product and make it more convincing.

Module #8

Professional Upsell Mini-site

(Value - $246)

What more can you ask for…and we have already done that for you. Yes, we have professionally designed the Sales Pages for you even for your upsell offer to just use them for your sales funnel. You do not have to invest your time and energy in hiring professionals or writing on your own. These templates are ready to use to improvise your upsell sales.

Module #9

Upsell Follow-Up Mail Swipes

(Value - $37)

In this module, we are providing you with professionally written email swipes for the upsell page that will substantially accelerate your sales and profits. You can always choose any one of them, insert it in your responder, pick a subject line, and send it to persuade further.

Yes, all your wishes are coming true. To make this upgrade offer more irresistible we are providing you a complete lead generation system that will convert your website into subscribers’ powerhouse and your visitors into long-term customers within a blink. Inside you will get:

Sub-module #1

Squeeze Page Index File

(Value - $100)

We are providing you eyeballs-grabbing and action-driving squeeze page index file. You just have to upload it with your form code and boom! You are all set to get along list of subscribers instantly.

Sub-module #2

Squeeze Page Copy

(Value - $50)

You will get a professionally written squeeze page copy. You don’t have to invest your time on writing on your own. Also, there is no need to hire professionals. Everything is done-for-you.

Sub-module #3

Squeeze Page Graphics

(Value - $70)

As said, everything is done-for-you. We are also providing you with eye-popping squeeze page graphics. Just use them and you are good to go.

Sub-module #4

Squeeze Page Free Report

(Value - $600)

We are providing you everything on a silver platter. You will get a professionally written squeeze page free report also. Just give this value-packed report to your customers and get sky-high subscribers.

Sub-module #5

Squeeze Page Follow-up swipes

(Value - $40)

With everything mentioned above, you will also get professionally written email swipes to promote your offer. You just pick a subject line and in one-tap send it to persuade further.

The Incredible Thing is That...You can turn around and sell this awesome package to anyone you want with PLR license get to Keep 100% of the Profits.

Choose the Licencing Option That Best Suits you...

  • 40 Tutorial Videos
  • Video Raw Files
  • Video Voice-Over Script
  • Audio Files
  • Upsell Sales Copy
  • Upsell Sales Video

  • Upsell Graphics

  • Email Swipes
  • Minisites
  • Squeeze Page Index File
  • Squeeze Page Copy
  • Squeeze Page Graphics
  • Squeeze Page Free Report
  • Squeeze Page Swipes
  • 9 Bonuses
Personal Use

  • LinkedIn Training Kit with Personal Use - Upsell Offer
Unrestricted PLR
  • (With editable files)
  • (With PSDs)

  • LinkedIn Training Kit with Unrestricted PLR - Upsell Offer

For those who are still sitting on the fence, to get your foot in the door, we have included 9 Spicy Fast-Action Bonuses with our most recommended 'Unrestricted' Private Label Rights option but only for a limited time.

Bonus 1

How to Use Social Networks to Build a List

Social networks have made building and widening your social contacts extremely easy. In the past, you might have had to attend numerous functions and paying for gas, food, and clothing to show up and hand out a few business cards that later got tossed. But now we have this fantastic source, the internet, and social media platforms, which allow us to make contacts globally without needing to meet them in person. Nothing is complicated, and You just have to create a profile and start posting about your work, skills, and whatever you can bring to the table to benefit others.

Bonus 2

Unlock Your Full Potential Video Course

Potential is different for every unique person. You need to figure out what potential looks like for you as it might be different for you than for other people in your life. If you are a negative thinker, You will not be able to analyze your potential. Figure out what you can do and what others not. What makes you different and unique from others? What is your best quality? And you will excel in your career.

Bonus 3

Blogging Traffic Mantra

If you want to become a full-time blogger and earn a good amount of cash, then you’re at the right place. You’re no long trading time for income, and this is the point you need to get to if you want to be free and financially independent. You’ll be able to earn passive income even when you’re traveling and sleeping. This is all about working hard and smart to reap the benefits later. Too many people approach blogging incorrectly, thinking they can write a few posts semi-regularly and that that will be enough to ensure their success. You will have to give it your full-time hard work for a long time for long-term results.

Bonus 4

How To Start a Freelance Business Video Upgrade

This is a golden opportunity for people who want to become freelancers and attract high payable clients. This is a video training series of 10 parts. These Videos Tutorials Right From The Comfort Of Your Home! How To Start a Freelance Business is a brand new training course full of all the tips, tricks, and tried and tested strategies you will need to start a successful freelance business. Creating your own new business is a huge challenge, and there will be numerous things that you will have to consider; most of all, will a freelance business be the right choice for you? This eBook will teach you all you need to know and help you start your thriving freelance business.

Bonus 5

SEO Traffic PLR Articles

This is a collection of premium PLR articles all about SEO and traffic. These articles are great because they can be used for anything you are needing them for such as article marketing, creating new info products, or even sell them individually plus so much more. Meaning you can use these articles to directly sell them or for a new product information.

This product comes with a custom-made PSD cover to help you sell the product which you can customize it, add your logo, web address, or what even needs to be done to make it the style you are needing.

Bonus 6

The 10-Step Plan For Writing Blog Posts That Sell

Every person or business owner will need to post blogs no matter what because this is the primary thing that every person does to promote any product in the initials. You might be selling a product, or you might be selling people on the idea of joining your list in exchange for a lead magnet.

Either way, your blog posts are some of your arsenal's most important sales tools. This is only true if you know how to write blog posts that sell. Any beginner and amateur can write a blog post, but writing a compelling, to-the-point and result-oriented blog post requires skills.

Bonus 7

Automated Social Media Robots

If your competitors appear everywhere, your customers are, and you are not, and then guess what? They become one of the significant authorities. This is a secret that big companies like Coca-Cola use all the time or your business is on boom and you want to interact with them in personalized message box the moment they send a query then this is the best thing for you. If you have only a couple hundred or a couple thousand followers, utilizing the strategy will help you convert more prospects into the customers.

Bonus 8

Social Success Upgrade Package

This is a product with social success principles which is use to grow an Audience, Get more attention, and increase ROI from social media. Now You Can Get Instant Access To 10 Step-By-Step Video Tutorials.. Download And Start Playing These Videos Tutorials Right From The Comfort Of Your Home!

Bonus 9

Blogging Crash Course

We all know the significance of blogging. Reach out to a wider range of audience with the help of internet on social media platforms by posting blogs about it. Blogging in the twenty first century has come to become an important tool for advertising for people who wish to market their products online, for politicians who wish to sell their ideologies, and reach out, to the masses.

Take Action Now to Claim Your Purchase with Bonuses...

  • 40 Tutorial Videos
  • Video Raw Files
  • Video Voice-Over Script
  • Audio Files
  • Upsell Sales Copy
  • Upsell Sales Video

  • Upsell Graphics

  • Email Swipes
  • Minisites
  • Squeeze Page Index File
  • Squeeze Page Copy
  • Squeeze Page Graphics
  • Squeeze Page Free Report
  • Squeeze Page Swipes
  • 9 Bonuses
Personal Use

  • LinkedIn Training Kit with Personal Use - Upsell Offer
Unrestricted PLR
  • (With editable files)
  • (With PSDs)

  • LinkedIn Training Kit with Unrestricted PLR - Upsell Offer

A Quick Recap at the Details of this Remunerative Package!

  • Module #1 – 40 Step-by-step Tutorial Videos Value: $4955
  • Module #2 – Video Raw Files Value: $1295
  • Module #3 – Video Voice-Over Script Value: $1150
  • Module #4 – Audio Files Value: $925
  • Module #5 – High-Converting Upsell Sales Copy Value: $516
  • Module #6 – Doodle Style Upsell Sales Video Value: $486
  • Module #7 – Professionally Designed Upsell Graphics Value: $260
  • Module #8 – Professional Upsell Mini-site Value: $246
  • Module #9 – Upsell Follow-Up Mail Swipes Value: $37
  • Module #10 – Complete Lead Magnet System Value: $860
  • Unrestricted Private Label Rights Value: $695
  • 9 Awesome Bonuses Value: $995

But, For you, it is available at a dirt-cheap price!

  • 40 Tutorial Videos
  • Video Raw Files
  • Video Voice-Over Script
  • Audio Files
  • Upsell Sales Copy
  • Upsell Sales Video

  • Upsell Graphics

  • Email Swipes
  • Minisites
  • Squeeze Page Index File
  • Squeeze Page Copy
  • Squeeze Page Graphics
  • Squeeze Page Free Report
  • Squeeze Page Swipes
  • 9 Bonuses
Personal Use

  • LinkedIn Training Kit with Personal Use - Upsell Offer
Unrestricted PLR
  • (With editable files)
  • (With PSDs)

  • LinkedIn Training Kit with Unrestricted PLR - Upsell Offer
Our Linked Training Kit with Unrestricted PLR comes with a special 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Although we are sure that our sensational video course will make everything dead-simple for you to make huge profits.

But, if you come to the conclusion that for some reason this is not the product that you were looking for... just drop us an email within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund the entire amount to you. "No Questions Asked".


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