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IM Niche is a solution for internet marketers. It provides them with the tools and resources they need to succeed online. It is not a market segment but rather a way for internet marketers to reach their target audience.

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"Google Bard AI Expertise" with PLR

The Upgraded Version of Redefine Excellence: Unlock the Power of "Google Bard AI Expertise" and Transform Your Content.

Harness the transformative power of these enlightening video tutorials to unlock the hidden vaults of your financial prowess, amplifying your finances to unprecedented heights.

Immersing yourself in these videos expedites your journey towards a vantage point where success is within your grasp, providing a streamlined approach to establishing a sustainable advantage that endures over time.

As we have already discussed in our frontend pack, Bard can be used in various ways to improve your business. Scroll down to have a look:

Increased Productivity:

Google Bard is a tool that helps you streamline your operations and increase productivity.
It can focus on improving your business and serving its customers by automating repetitive tasks and providing real-time data and analytics.

Global Access:

Bard provides your business with access to a large network of partners and allows them to collaborate and expand their reach.
This can help your business to grow its customer base and reach new markets.

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The ten main modules are included in the basic pack you just obtained.
However, if you choose to upgrade to the premium pack, we will provide you with an extra 12 modules to further improve your sales and increase your level of engagement.

Module 1 : Training Videos for Upsell Offer
(Value - $1320)

These 15 high-quality videos provide valuable insights into key points that industry experts have extensively researched and advised on. Created by professionals, we are confident that these training videos will help you boost your upsell sales.

Check Customer Training Demo Video Here

Module 2 : Professional Upsell Minisites
(Value - $144)

What more can you ask for… We have professionally designed the Sales Pages for you, even for your upsell offer to use them for your sales funnel. You don't have to invest time and energy in hiring professionals or writing independently. These templates are ready to use to improvise your upsell sales.

Module 3 : Upsell Sales Video
(Value - $480)

We're offering you Doodle Style Videos that have been recently updated to increase traffic and improve your conversion rates. This is how we add value to your upsell offer and take your sales to new heights.

Module 4 : Upsell Follow-Up Email Swipes
(Value - $48)

This module offers pre-written email templates for your upsell page, which professionals craft. By using these templates, you can significantly boost your sales and earnings. You can easily select any templates, add them to your email automation tool, choose a subject line, and send it to convince your customers further.

Module 5 : Professionally Designed Graphics For Upsell Offer
(Value - $360)

We offer a comprehensive collection of expertly crafted graphics promoting your product in the upsell offer. These graphics are designed to enhance the persuasiveness of your product and encourage more sales. You'll have the flexibility to edit these graphics as per your requirement. We will also provide you with the images in PSD and PNG formats.

Module 6 : Professional Upsell Sales Copy
(Value - $516)

These expertly crafted Upsell Sales page copies are designed to generate significant sales as a component of your upsell sales strategy. You will receive all the marketing materials needed for your sales funnel.

Module 7 : Expert Presentation Slides (PPT)
(Value - $360)

We will provide you with the presentation slides used during the recording video so you can use them for your webinars or seminars.

Module 8 : Raw Video Files
(Value - $720)

You will get access to the raw video voice-over scripts of the complete training. The source files come in multiple text formats and with private label rights.

Module 9 : Audio Files
(Value - $960)

You get access to the audio version of the video training, so you can listen to these if you prefer. Also, you can use these audio source files however you want.

Module 10 : 10 Unique Articles
(Value - $397)

We provide you with 10 articles based on Artificial Intelligence written by professionals that will further help you improve your sales. You do not have to support your time and energy in it.

  • "Google Bard AI: Revolutionizing Creativity and Storytelling"
  • "Unleashing the Power of Google Bard AI: A New Era of Artistic Expression"
  • "Exploring the Wonders of Google Bard AI: Crafting Poems and Prose"
  • "Unlocking the Imagination: Google Bard AI's Creative Capabilities"
  • "The Rise of Google Bard AI: Redefining Narrative Generation"
  • "From Data to Poetry: Google Bard AI's Journey"
  • "Innovation at its Finest: Google Bard AI's Impact on Writing"
  • "Empowering Writers: How Google Bard AI Enhances the Creative Process"
  • "Creating Literary Masterpieces: The Magic of Google Bard AI"
  • "Unveiling Google Bard AI: Inspiring Words through Artificial Intelligence"

Yes, all your wishes are coming true. To make this upsell offer irresistible, we provide a complete lead generation system to convert your website into a subscriber’s powerhouse and your visitors into long-term customers within a blink. Inside you will get:

Sub-module #1: Squeeze Page Index File
(Valued at $100)

We are providing you with eyeballs-grabbing and action-driving squeeze page index files. You have to upload it with your form code, and boom! You are all set to get a long list of subscribers instantly.

Sub-module #2: Squeeze Page Copy
(Valued at $50)

You will get a professionally written squeeze-page copy. You don't have to invest your time in writing on your own. Also, there is no need to hire professionals. Everything is done for you.

Sub-module #3: Squeeze Page Graphics
(Valued at $70)

As said, everything is done for you. We are also providing you with eye-popping squeeze page graphics. Just use them, and you are good to go.

Sub-module #4: Squeeze Page Free Report
(Valued at $600)

We are providing you with everything on a silver platter. You will get a professionally written squeeze page free report also. Just give this value-packed report to your customers and get sky-high subscribers.

Sub-module #5: Squeeze Page Follow-Up Swipes
(Valued at $40)

With everything mentioned above, you will also get professionally written email swipes to promote your offer. You pick a subject line and, in one tap, send it to persuade further.

Just download it, brand it your own, and make money online like a PRO!

Private Label Rights
Actual Price - $47
But for you Price is
A Year Of Positive Thinking

So What You Are Getting Inside This Upgrade Offer…

  • Module #1 - 15 Training Videos for Upsell Offer Value: $1320
  • Module #2 - Professional Upsell Minisites Value: $144
  • Module #3 - Upsell Sales Videos Value: $480
  • Module #4 - Upsell Follow-Up Email Swipes Value: $48
  • Module #5 - Professionally Designed Graphics for Upsell Offer Value: $360
  • Module #6 - Professional Upsell Sales Copy Value: $516
  • Module #7 - Expert Presentation Slides (PPT) Value: $360
  • Module #8 - Raw Video Files Value: $720
  • Module #9 - Audio Files Value: $960
  • Module #10 - 10 Unique Articles Value: $397
  • Module #11 - Complete Lead Magnet System Value: $860

Total Value: $6165

But Only For You...Price is $497

Private Label Rights
Actual Price - $47
But for you Price is
A Year Of Positive Thinking

Creating high-quality audio, videos, and graphics is quite expensive.
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