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The Marketers Google Tool Box

Internet Marketing Tools Which Every Webmaster And Marketer Should Be Using To Make Their Website Or Business Run More Efficiently. Leverage Google Tools And Become An Online Sensation. Direct An Avalanche Of Traffic To Your Website! Generate More Leads Than Ever Before! Boost Your Conversion Rate! See Your Coffers Explode! Earn $1000 A Day, Just Sitting At Home! Unleash The Power Of Google Tools.

Leverage the power of Google to succeed in your online business! See your website getting flooded with potential buyers by simply using Google tools to your best advantage!

Bonus #2

Mobile Marketing

Welcome to Mobile Marketing. Here's a quick overview of what we'll be covering in this course:

First, we'll discuss why mobile marketing is so important to your business, no matter what industry you're in. Next, we'll go over how to make your sites and pages mobile-friendly.

After that, we'll take a look at the various methods of sending mobile traffic to your web properties. Finally, we'll cover a couple ways you can make special use of that mobile traffic when it shows up.

Bonus #3

Google Plus Marketing V1 Elite Package

This comprehensive course contains step-by-step never before seen information, complete with screenshots, to show you exactly how you can harness the power of Google Plus Marketing to boost your traffic in an INSTANT. This is NOT your typical marketing tricks you have seen on the blog or via the article. Instead, this is the system we have been using to BOOST your traffic in a matter of minutes.

Bonus #4

Local Marketing With Google Plus

As technology evolves, consumers increasingly rely on the internet to point them towards good products and trustworthy services. As a result, online and digital marketing is now an essential advertising tool for any company.

For small and local businesses, the move away from much more expensive and time-consuming print and television advertising is proving beneficial. If you are looking for an effective way to promote your business, Google Plus Local, a newly created online business directory, could be the ideal solution.

Bonus #5

Google Optimization Blueprint

The reality is that most businesses forget this crucial piece of the puzzle and simply don’t know why they’re not getting traffic from Google. They think SEO is a big scam purely because of bad assumptions. Google and other search engines have become much smarter than ever. What this means is that they are constantly trying to figure out what your website is all about.

That said - it still needs a little help to know what your website is all about and that is the best way to get ranked on the right keywords so that you attract the right prospects.

Most people forgo on-page search engine optimization and try to focus on getting backlinks. This is a big mistake because by not doing something as simple as on-page SEO, you will lose out on some great initial rankings.

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Bonus #6

Google Adword Evaluator

If you're advertising online using such platforms as Google AdWord, then this is a software that you're needing. Google AdWord is one of the best-paid advertisers online where you can get hordes of traffic to your website or business. This software will help you to do just this.

Bonus #7

Google Voice Mastery

Google Voice is an application that allows you to enhance the existing capabilities of your phone for free regardless of which type of phone you have or which carrier you are using. It also gives you, One Number – The use of a single number that rings you anywhere. Online voicemail – Getting transcribed messages delivered to your inbox. Cheap calls – Cheap calls worldwide and free calls and free text messages to the US and Canada. Get all the info you need here.

Bonus #8

Get More Google Traffic

Traffic Tips, Tactics, and Strategies. Learn how to attract traffic to your website and improve the conversion rate. Enjoy a high ROI with a low cost of customer acquisition. Give your online business the boost it needs... Would You Like To See People Flock To Your Website?

Would You Like To Attract Relevant Traffic To Make Your Business Flourish? Have You Been Investing Time and Money Into Your Online Presence With Little Measurable Results? How About Making A Sweeping Change At Minimal Costs?

Get people to notice your site and boost your sales without having to spend thousands of dollars every month!

Bonus #9

Google Analytics Explained

Web Statistics Tracking System. Formulate The Perfect Strategy For The Success Of Your Website... Would You Like To See A Surge In The Traffic To Your Website? Would You Like This Traffic To Comprise Of People Who Are Actually Interested In What You Are Offering?

Would You Like To Increase The Conversion Rate Of Your Website Manifold? Leverage the power of Google Analytics to provide you with the required information to boost your sales.

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