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In Order to Improve Sales and Conversions, it’s Downright Important to Improve the Quality of Your Graphics!

The Fact is

If you want to get noticed online and stand above your competitors, there’s one thing you cannot or MUST NOT overlook and that is...GRAPHICS!

It has been established that the most effective way to make sales online is by using Sizzling Hot, Eye-Catching Designs and High-Quality Graphics for your Products and Services.

Research shows that the Visual Appeal of a website directly affects the visitors’ behaviors and actions.

We all are 'Visually-Wired' individuals:

65 percent of people are visual learners.

90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

The average person reads only 20% of a web page but will view every image.

Moreover, People tend to Remember...

Successful marketers know that ‘impressive product presentation’ is the vital key factor to get success in selling something online.

We’ve all heard this phrase…

"Never Judge a Book by its Cover"!!!

But isn’t that what we do in real life?

Think of this scenario, let’s say you want to buy a product, and the moment you land on their website, if the graphics and images seen on their site are of Poor quality, I am sure you would not dare to enter your credit card details Right?

It’s the fact -

Nobody wants to Buy something if it looks DULL & AMATEURISH!!!

Whether you want to believe it or not, sloppy graphics and presentation definitely make a
negative impression and your customers
are going to exit like a greased lightning.

  • On the contrary, stunning cover design can create a higher perception of value, demand higher prices for your products or services and bring more potential JV opportunities.
  • That’s the reason, publishing companies and bestselling authors invest hundreds (even thousands) of dollars into design when they launch a book.
  • But there’s a problem...
  • Not everybody has the CREATIVE ability to create a beautiful cover for their books and products, neither they got the over-the-top budget to pay hi-fi designers’ fees...

Hard-Hitting Hammer of Reality!

Truth to be told, in order to spice-up your books with alluring covers and presentation,
you probably must be doing one of these things...

Hiring a Decent Graphic Designer:

Okay, this seems like a good option. But before you jump right off the hook to hire the best graphic designer available...We would like to tell you how much it would cost you...

Pretty Expensive Right?

Yeah, not many have got that kind of budget. So let’s jump to our next option...

Creating Eye-Popping E-Covers Yourself:

So, if you don’t have that kind of budget to hire an expensive graphic designer, why not create them yourself? But it’s not that easy, is it? You need to possess designing skills and tech skills to work on highly-complicated designing software.

That simply means spending days or even weeks on your desktop trying to create a single design, neglecting all other important aspects of your business.

Yeah, we get it; nobody’s got that much time. So what you can do next...

Downloading E-Covers from Other People’s Website:

Yes, running on a tight budget without having necessary skills and time will make you downloading ready-made graphics from other people’s website which is not just illegal, but you can be penalized with copyrights fines.

This will sabotage not just your marketing efforts but even your Whole Internet Marketing Business.

The problem faced by most marketers is -

They are either running on a shoestring budget or they aren't good at designing their own graphics.

And downloading graphics from other people’s website is simply out of the question as the risk is too big.

Let’s Face it...

There’s a Huge Demand for Professional, High-Quality E-Cover Graphics, but there has yet to be someone to make this Happen... Until Now!

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  • Remember all files are professionally made to jazz-up your projects. Simply load any of them in Photoshop, edit the titles with your product name and you've got yourself a professional-looking product cover and site!
  • Let’s not forget you can edit not just the names but anything you want with our Editable PSD or AI Files. And if you don’t have Photoshop, you can edit the files with any other free PSD editor you have.

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And Many More...

And Many More...

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Take a look at how easy it is to edit these eCovers for your projects…And you can edit and reuse them as many times as you want with VERY little effort on your part!


And Boom! They are ready to rock your website or projects!

Don’t forget, we are providing you two editable file formats – AI and PSD. You can edit whichever one you would prefer for editing according to your convenience.

Customize them with all the latest Software including…

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Create a new product cover easily by choosing any one of the eCover templates

Build your sites quicker without worrying about creating graphics manually

Skyrocket your sales with these designs by capturing your visitor's attention

Incorporate them into your niche sites

Enhance the cosmetic appeal of your products, whether it’s your existing product or your upcoming new product

Integrate them into your blog post and grab more eyeballs

Use them for your E-Com Business

Simply edit the product title, subtitle and add your name and logo on the eCover and you're done! It's that easy!

And so Much More…

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