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28 th

September, 2020


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Launch Date : 28th Sept - 5th Oct

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Full eCommerce business
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Complete DFY PLR Sales
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Make up to $563 in
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What 'eComAcademy' is ALL About?...

eComAcademy is a complete step-by-step video training course that will teach you everything on how to start, manage and scale-up your ecommerce business to increase conversions, generate more leads and add additional sales revenue to your bottom line.

This course includes detailed HD screen recorded videos, training guide, presentation slides and much more... To help you in setting up an ecommerce store and running it profitably.

The best part is- we are offering this complete package with a massive 'UNRESTRICTED' PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS opportunity with all the sales materials required to resell the product. Means now your customers can turn around and sell this complete package with PLR to anyone they want, in no time and they get to keep 100% of the profits.

This is huge. The current situations resulted in a boom for global ecommerce industry and this package could be your best shot to grab your piece of this juicy pie. With 'Unrestricted' Private Label Rights, even your customers could set up their own online empire and sell as many PLR licenses as they want to bank big profits.

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What Your Customers are getting with Each Offer....


  • Module #1 :15 Step-by-step Tutorial Videos
  • Module #2 : Video Raw Files (w/ PLR only)
  • Module #3 : Video Voice-Over Script
  • Module #4 : Audio Files
  • Module #5 : Professionally written Training guide
  • Module #6 : Chapter Images (PSDs w/ PLR Only)
  • Module #7 : Cheat Sheet
  • Module #8 : Mind Map

    • Module #9 : Top Resource Report
    • Module #10 : High Converting Sales Copy
    • Module #11 : Customer Sales video
    • Module #12 : Professional Graphics (PSDs w/ PLR Only)
    • Module #13 : Animated banners (PSDs w/ PLR Only)
    • Module #14 : Professionally written Email Swipes
    • Module #15 : Professional Minisites
    • Module #16 : Legal Pages

    Training Videos DEMO

    Chapter 1 - JVZoo Marketplace Overview

    Chapter 2 - How to register on JVZoo?

    Chapter 3 - WarriorPlus Marketplace overview.

    Chapter 4 - How to register on WarriorPlus?

    Chapter 5 - ClickBank Marketplace Overview

    Chapter 6 - How to register on ClickBank?

    Chapter 7 - Amazon Marketplace Overview

    Chapter 8 - How to register on Amazon Associate?

    Chapter 9 - How to register Payoneer for JVZooPay payment method?

    Chapter 10 - How to select the best offers to promote on JVZoo and WarriorPlus?

    Chapter 11 - How to select the best offers to promote on ClickBank?

    Chapter 12 - How to get review access for ClickBank products?

    Chapter 13 - How to select best offers to promote on Amazon?

    Chapter 14 - How to do product research on Amazon Affiliate and FBA?

    Chapter 15 - How to get affiliate link on JVZoo?

    With 5 Fast Action Bonuses

    With 3 Flexible Licensing Options

    Personal Use

    Resell Rights

    Unrestricted Private Label Rights

    15 Tutorial Videos
    Video Raw Files
    Video Voice-Over Script
    Audio Files
    Training guide

    Chapter Images
    Cheat Sheet
    Mind Map
    Top Resource Report
    Customer Sales Copy

    Customer Sales video

    Professional Graphics

    Animated banners
    Email Swipes
    Legal Pages

    5 Bonuses
    Personal Use
    (Without PSDs)

    Resell Rights
    (Without PSDs)
    (Without editable files)
    (Without PSDs)
    (Without PSDs)

    Unrestricted Private Label Rights
    (With PSDs)
    (With editable files)
    (With PSDs)
    (With PSDs)


    • Module #1 : 35 Step-by-step Tutorial Videos
    • Module #2 : 15 Professionally designed PPTs
    • Module #3 : Video Raw Files (w/ PLR only)
    • Module #4 : Video Voice-Over Script
    • Module #5 : Audio Files
    • Module #6 : Product Graphics (PSDs w/ PLR Only)
    • Module #7 : High-Converting Upsell Sales Copy
    • Module #8 : Upsell Minisites

    • Module #9 : Expert sales video
    • Module #10 : Professionally written follow-up email swipes
    • Module #11 : Complete Lead Magnet System... Inside this you will get:
    • Sub Module #1 : Squeeze Page Index File
    • Sub Module #2 : Squeeze Page Copy
    • Sub Module #3 : Squeeze Page Graphics
    • Sub Module #4 : Squeeze Page Free Report
    • Sub Module #5 : Squeeze Page Follow-up Swipes

    Training Videos DEMO

    Chapter 16 - How to get affiliate link on WarriorPlus?

    Chapter 17 - How to get affiliate link on ClickBank?

    Chapter 18 - How to get affiliate link on Amazon?

    Chapter 19 - How to promote offers using product review method (Introduction)?

    Chapter 20 - How to find best and cheap articles creation services?

    Chapter 21 - How to structure the review articles?

    Chapter 22 - How to create SEO friendly content?

    Chapter 23 - How to find bonuses for affiliate marketing?

    Chapter 24 - How to get content from YouTube subtitle?

    Chapter 25 - How to cloak affiliate URL?

    Chapter 26 - How to use Facebook Fanpage to promote a digital product?

    Chapter 27 - How to design Facebook Fanpage cover on Canva?

    Chapter 28 - Pinterest potential for traffic (Introduction)

    Chapter 29 - How to create Pinterest account?

    Chapter 30 - How to create beautiful pins on Pinterest?

    Chapter 31 - How to optimize Pinterest for SEO?

    Chapter 32 - How to target easy to rank keywords?

    Chapter 33 - How to find upsell URLs on JVZoo?

    Chapter 34 - How to insert social sharing buttons on Website?

    Chapter 35 - Shopify Overview

    Chapter 36 - How to create Shopify account?

    Chapter 37 - How to change your Shopify theme?

    Chapter 38 - How to customize your Shopify theme?

    Chapter 39 - How to create logo for your Shopify Store?

    Chapter 40 - How to find best and cheap logo creation services?

    Chapter 41 - How to add product on Shopify?

    Chapter 42 - How to add collection on your Shopify?

    Chapter 43 - How to add Oberlo on your Shopify?

    Chapter 44 - How to find and import products from Oberlo?

    Chapter 45 - How to add upsell features on Shopify?

    Chapter 46 - How to do SEO on your Shopify?

    Chapter 47 - Aliexpress marketplace overview

    Chapter 48 - How to do product research on AliExpress?

    Chapter 49 - How to do product analysis on AliExpress?

    Chapter 50 - Ebay Dropshipping Free Product Research Method

    With 9 Fast Action Bonuses

    • Bonus 1 - eCommerce Golden Steps
    • Bonus 2 - Six Figure eCommerce Formula
    • Bonus 3 - Your eCommerce Store Upgrade Package
    • Bonus 4 - Ultimate E-Com Secrets
    • Bonus 5 - Best Affiliate Products Revealed
    • Bonus 6 - eBay Riches
    • Bonus 7 - Ecom Mastery
    • Bonus 8 - eCom Traffic Generator
    • Bonus 9 - Turbo eCom + Addon Pro

    With 3 Flexible Licensing Options

    Personal Use

    Resell Rights

    Unrestricted Private Label Rights

    35 Tutorial Videos
    Video Raw Files
    Video Voice-Over Script
    Audio Files
    15 PPTs
    Upsell Sales Copy

    Upsell Sales video

    Upsell Graphics
    Email Swipes
    Squeeze Page Index File
    Squeeze Page Copy
    Squeeze Page Graphics
    Squeeze Page Free Report
    Squeeze Page Swipes
    9 Bonuses
    Personal Use

    Resell Rights
    (Without editable files)
    (Without PSDs)
    Unrestricted Private Label Rights
    (With editable files)
    (With PSDs)

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